Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Customer satisfaction surveys have a fatal flaw: they are usually sent after the completion of a transaction when it is too late to change the outcome. Gather feedback during every customer interaction and drive positive outcomes by using our Salesforce Application.

OPEN FEEDBACK: Skip the hassle of sending out questionnaires and surveys by using Instant Feedback links in email signatures, chat messages, and support ticket responses. Gather quick feedback from your customers using your Salesforce Site.

GRADE PERFORMANCE: Gain invaluable insights into your team's performance through average customer ratings (1-5 stars), empowering support and sales managers to drive improvements.

PROACTIVE INTERVENTION: Swiftly identify and address areas of concern with real-time alerts, ensuring poor feedback doesn't jeopardize your business relationships.

COMPLETE CONTROL: Maintain full control over collected data and permissions. All data resides in Salesforce.

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Each member of your team is assigned a unique feedback link and gets individual feedback by using the link in emails, chat, and support tickets. A Salesforce Site is created to collect the feedback which is linked with the Lead, Contact, and team member. Reports, dashboards and automation provide needed insights and alerts.

Introducing Instant Feedback

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